operating system

How To Diagnose A Computer Problem

August 15, 2018

Many people rely on their computers to complete personal and business tasks each day. If your computer has been experiencing problems or not working correctly, here are some computer tips to help you diagnose the problem. Check the Power On Self Test (POST) The POST appears before the computer’s operating system loads up and will […]

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computer tech

Helpful Computer Tips For All

July 20, 2018

Troubleshooting and PCs are natural bedfellows. Occasionally they freeze up on you, experience software problems or even malfunction completely. Although everyone wants their computers to work without any technical hitches, this isn’t a realistic expectation. Here’s a couple of computer tips to make your life easier: 1. Dealing With the Dreaded Blue Screen The dreaded […]

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Five Important Tips For Keeping Your Computer Healthy

June 12, 2018

Most of us are so reliant on our computers that we cannot live without them. Businesses use computers for their transactions and web advertisements. Having a good web design in Sydney business is already a must but if the PC is not working well, we cannot manage well our online activities. Whenever it stops functioning, […]

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