The Many Ways A Marketing Agency Can Help Your Online Marketing Efforts

Successful online marketing can prove to be complex and challenging, as it requires a host of highly-technical features and skill sets seamlessly coming together to make it work well. Hiring a professional marketing agency to help you get the job done, therefore, is a great idea. Here’s how a marketing agency can help you with online marketing:

1. Blogging

You will eventually be able to automate your marketing efforts and your sales.

While it is true that blogging does require building an audience over time through consistently providing high-value and key information, it is still doable. The good news is, as you build a noteworthy blog over time, you will eventually be able to automate your marketing efforts and your sales – perhaps, even hitting that coveted six-figure monthly revenue mark.

2. Video Tutorials

Video marketing is growing by leaps and bounds. One of the easiest ways to build your audience is to create high-quality and compelling video content and offer the same as tutorials through sites like YouTube. Doing this will help set you up as an authority and help you expand your fan base and attract paying customers.

3. Email Marketing

Building an email list by attracting the right clients to your website and getting them to sign up for your website will help you build your business. Creating compelling content like online tutorial giveaways and infographics in exchange for email sign-ups can help you do just that. As your list continues to grow, it is important to send your subscribers useful updates periodically.

4. Social Media Marketing

The right social media marketing strategy will see you reaching out to influencers within the social media space to champion your cause. Admittedly, this may cost you a few bucks, but not usually enough to completely break the bank. Still, having the right eyes on your products/services is worth it.

5. Search Engine Optimization

One of the very first terms you are likely to hear across the digital landscape is SEO. SEO is the secret to successful online marketing and increased visibility. Admittedly, SEO strategies can require lots of time and/or money to get it done right should they opt for the trial and error route. Thankfully, there are some tried and true ways a high-quality marketing agency can help you avoid spending both too much or too much time without seeing results.

6. Content Marketing

social media marketing
The right social media marketing strategy will see you reaching out to influencers within the social media space to champion your cause.

Costing little to no money, posting on authority sites like LinkedIn, Medium, Quora, and Slideshare – most of which are free to use – is a great way to drive traffic to your products/services. Just be sure to provide valuable information when you post.

7. Referral Marketing

Word-of-mouth advertising is still most effective marketing tool. One way to leverage this in the digital space is to capitalize on popular review sites like Yelp or Trip Advisor (of course, use ones relevant to your industry) to have customer post reviews about you. Social media sites like Facebook also has review options for pages. Simply stick these at the bottom of your email to get customers engaged.

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How to Build a Web Development Business with WordPress

Those, new in the web development industry, face a daunting task starting a fulltime or freelance business. Choosing WordPress, a great CMS platform allows you to implement strategies you created for launching a web design business effortlessly. Its online tutorials, detailed documentation, inbuilt themes, WordPress codex, and much more makes it easy to launch a web design business from scratch.

However, beginners may find difficulties in setting up their site. The following tips will help you overcome those difficulties and start designing your website with WordPress, as long as you are cool and composed.

planning business web design
Planning helps you easily set up a successful web design business for your clients.
  1. Create a plan for your web design business

Planning is crucial aspect that helps you easily set up a successful web design business for your clients. At the onset, make sure you create a robust strategy. Be aware of your goals… for whom are you are creating the website, their business model, the types of services, and their targeted audience. You need to carry out the requirements of your clients perfectly. Understanding features that help the business attract more visitors, apart from ensuring long-term success, also saves money, effort, and time.

  1. Manage your accounts and finances

If you want your business to run smoothly, set up your financing and accounting department properly and update records of your financial statements regularly. Ensure that your accounting task does not affect your web design processes.

Integrate a reliable accounting tool for automatically creating and sending invoices to your clients, tracking financial statements, and receive online payments in a few seconds. Even, you can track every financial transaction automatically, providing you with free time to focus on web designing.

  1. Select the right WordPress theme framework

Speed up the development process and cut work load by selecting a proper theme framework for your WordPress site. Thankfully, WordPress contains many theme frameworks such as Genesis that help you change your themes without losing the existing functionality and features of your site. Such a framework allows you to change settings and many other options quickly, ensuring that the design of your website is unique and stands apart from the rest. Enhance the functionality of your site, without knowledge of programming and coding by installing a set of WordPress plugins. They allow you to customize the overall parameters of your website in a few minutes.

  1. Choose the best hosting plan

Ensure you choose a dependable web host company for hosting your website. Opt for dedicated web hosting instead of shared hosting. The hosting company you choose should offer you advanced security, unlimited disk space/bandwidth along with backup and restore features.

  1. Recruit skillful people for your business

Running a business is not an easy task. Therefore, you should either recruit permanent staff or hire professionals who can help you complete your project efficiently and effectively

  1. Build strong relationship with your clients
build strong relationship
Build strong relationship with your client.

Building loyal relationships with clients are crucial for the success of a business. You can do this by understanding what your client needs from your web designing services, and give them personalized solutions at affordable prices. This helps build long-lasting relationships too.


Follow the above mentioned tips to understand how to build a web development business with WordPress. Contact Professional Web Solutions today, if you are the owner of a Perth based businesses, and want to develop a professional WordPress website.